Basic Courses– These are survey courses based upon the International Economic Development Council’s eight Core Competencies.  They are considered the building blocks of all established Economic Development programs throughout the World.  IAED has taken these core competencies and enhanced them, to become applicable and implementable to diverse economies around the world.  They are tailored to meet the most current situations of both an existing and operating economy as well as an emerging economy while still delivering the core building blocks of an economy. This year’s Basic Course will be in Silver City, NM on July 21-25. Click Here for a 2019 Course Agenda. Click Here to reserve your spot.

Advanced Courses – These courses are offered to go into greater detail on how economies work at the local, regional, national and international levels.  They are based again on the Core Competencies established by IEDC, but are further enhanced to reflect the norms and practices of local economies of each country or region selected.  Specific emphasis will be given in developing the curriculum, on the nuances of the specific economy and the respective impacts that the local business morals and practices that are perceived in that Economy.

Executive Courses – These are highly specialized Courses based on specifically identified subject matter that is pertinent to the eventual client being served, whether private or public sector.  They will be designed with interactive situations, so that active participation will be expected throughout the session.  The courses are designed to be used in specific training situations as well as for professional Certified Educational Unit’s in individual Business categories.

Online Courses – Some of the courses identified above will also be available on line for potential student and client use.  There will be specific requirements identified to assist the participant in navigating through the course work.